Scribo Pty Ltd (Scribo) specialises in the provision of transcription services. Scribo provides transcription, captioning and foreign subtitles services across Australia. Our clients range from ASX200 companies, government, small and medium business, law firms and individuals. The company has been operating over nine years. Scribo's strengths are: 

  1.    Our ability to deliver quality transcription and captioning using industry-leading:
    1.    Processes, technology and procedures
    2. Quality assurance processes using the top tier of professional interpreters around Australia.
  2.    Our commitment to superior service
  3.    Experienced management team

We believe that Scribo has many differentiators when compared with our competition. Our proposal describes our innovative integrated service delivery strategy supported by:

  • Experienced executive team
  • Rigorous and structured human resources strategy
    • Sourcing
    • Orientation
  • Extensive experience in the provision of interpreter services
  • Service-oriented processes and reliable support technology

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Scribo provides professional transcription services from audio to text across industries such as medical, legal, education, marketing, policing and business meetings .


Add captions to videos so that audiences can read content while seeing the video.


We perform thousands of foreign language assignments every month. Come to us for your foreign language sub-titling requirements.