Scribo provides highly qualified transcriptionists for your captioning needs. Our transcriptionists are highly trained subject matter experts with superior transcribing skills. Our experienced and certified transcriptionists are capable of integrating seamlessly into your videos and other content.


We provide transcriptionists for the following:

  • Legal environments: courts, mediations, depositions, client meetings
  • Medical environments: doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals 
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Training programs and seminars
  • Focus groups
  • Business and factory tours, leisure tours
  • Tradeshows
  • Any situation requiring a professional transcriptionist

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Scribo provides professional transcription services from audio to text across industries such as medical, legal, education, marketing, policing and business meetings .


Add captions to videos so that audiences can read content while seeing the video.


We perform thousands of foreign language assignments every month. Come to us for your foreign language sub-titling requirements.