Professional transcription services serving clients across Australia for almost a decade. We have served thousands of clients and provide accurate transcriptions. We are recognised as a trusted provider of transcription services.  That is why we have a client list of many of Australia's top media companies, ASX 200 companies, law firms, government departments and agencies.

  • Available across all major cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart
  • Available in many regional centres across Queensland, NSW, Vic, Tasmania, WA, SA and Northern Territory
  • Long term relationships with many of our clients
  • Superb levels of client satisfaction
  • Delivery of commitments
  • We are an Australian-based international company, unlike our major competitors. Our headquarters are in Melbourne and we have trancriptionists across Australia and internationally. Contact us today to discuss you needs.

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Scribo provides professional transcription services from audio to text across industries such as medical, legal, education, marketing, policing and business meetings .


Add captions to videos so that audiences can read content while seeing the video.


We perform thousands of foreign language assignments every month. Come to us for your foreign language sub-titling requirements.